Fili, Attica

Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Fyli, Attica

Since the late 2008, WATT operates a modern Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the location "Skalistiri" in the Municipality of Fyli, with a capacity of 100.000 tons per annum.

First year of operation: October 2008.
Capacity: 20 tn per hour with the advanced equipment and the latest technology.
Input mixed municipal packaging as well as commercial and industrial waste.
7.000 m2 Plant and 3000 m2 storage in a 28.000 m2 industrial field.
Output : recyclables materials and RDF.


The private facility that costed around 10 million € has been constructed in a site with a total surface of 28.300 m2.


The equipment used for material recovery of recyclables includes state-of-the-art technologies, such as optical, magnetic and air separators, resulting in high quality material recovery.


In addition, the environmental protection devises have been installed in order to ensure high occupational hygiene and safety standards and the avoidance of environmental hazards.


The recyclables recovered include packaging waste such as cardboard, paper, several plastic fractions, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), glass and tetrapack. After their recovery, the materials are baled and temporarily stored until they are directed to final recyclers for recycling and re-use.


With its operation, the plant contributes to the elimination of packaging waste that were landfilled, increasing the lifetime duration of the sanitary landfills, while complying with the legislation's requirements.


With the recovery of recyclables, significant natural resources and energy are saved and in parallel a new market for secondary products is developed, providing new business opportunities.