Koropi, Attica

Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Koropi, Attica

The second MRF has a capacity of 100.000 tons per annum and is located in a strategic position in Attica, since it serves a lack in the broader Eastern Attica region for municipal packaging waste and Commercial & Industrial waste. The private facility that costed around 10 million € has been constructed in a site with a total surface of 10.500 m2.


First year of operation: October 2010.
Capacity: 20 tones per hour with the advanced equipment and the latest technology.
Input I&C, mixed municipal packaging materials, press & printing paper management.
Output recyclables materials
3.000 m2 Plant in a 20.000 m2 industrial field
Constituting the only operating Waste Treatment facility in East Attica.


The equipment used for material recovery of recyclables includes state-of-the-art technologies, such as optical, magnetic and ballistic separators, resulting in high quality material recovery. Its technological supremacy is based on the fact that the recovery of all recyclables takes place with 6 optical separators, while the human factor is only used for quality control. Hence, the recovery of pure materials is met, in combination of maximized recovery and selection of waste.


The installed machinery, with a total installed power of 1.000 kW, ensures the recovery of recyclables with high efficiency and purity. The use of state-of-the-art elements in the design, based on the experience of the first plant of the company, contributes significantly to the compliance of the greek particularities with the global trends in material recovery.