Sewage Sludge Plant in Ioannina

Sewage Sludge treatment plant in Ioannina NW Greece.

An open composting facility has been established to treat sewage sludge, produced by the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

The daily capacity of the plant is 100 tons.

W.A.T.T. S.A. participates through its German subsidiary H-U-T GmbH in cooperation with the local company K. N. Stavrou.

The JV operates the facility under a fixed three years contract with the Ioannina municipal water company.

The process has demonstrated excellent results due to the contribution of know–how, equipment, scientific and technical personnel provided by the W.A.T.T. S.A.’s group of companies.

The final product is a soil fertilizer which complies with the European regulation for use in agricultural applications.

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