Power Generation Plant in Tebloni Landfill, Corfu

Landfill Gas Power Plant in Corfu

W.A.T.T. S.A. through its subsidiary Biogas Development Investments (BDI) is developing a 100% owned Landfill Gas Power Plant.

The project concerns the collection and use of landfill gas in Corfu as a fuel in order to produce electricity.

The project will be built in the location “Akrokefalos” in Temploni, within the Municipality of Corfu. The land has been loaned to the project owner and is far away from any inhabited areas.

The capacity of the power plant is 1 MW and is planned to be in operation in 2014.

The expected total investment amounts to 1.550.000 €.

The development - planning, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning - and operation is being undertaken by companies of Watt group.

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