W.A.T.T.     S.A. is  a dynamic company within the waste management industry, possessing a management team, executives

and technical personnel with a long track record in applying state-of-the-art waste treatment technologies. 

Having 20 years of experience in waste management, W.A.T.T.  S.A. has the capacity to offer integrated services:

•  From waste collection to recycling

•  energy recovery

•  and safe final disposal.


In more detail, the company has Experience and Technologies for :

•  Landfills

•  L.G. Power Generation

•  Leachate treatment plant

•  Construction - Operation

•  Rementiation

•  Waste treatment Plants

•  MBT

•  Sorting

•  A.D.

•  Composting

•  Waste Collection Services for Industrial Clients