More than 20 years of experience, expertise and know-how

100% Greek Group 

Integrated services & Applications

  • Construction – Operation of waste management units
  • Recycling – Composting
  • Collection – Waste management of large organizations & industrial customers
  • Recovery of energy from Biogas

It has developed and operated some of the most modern projects in the industry
It owns one of the biggest package processing plants and recovers the biggest quantities of recyclable materials in the country.

Integrated waste management – A national “bet”

The implementation of integrated waste management systems is a key prerequisite for balanced, sustainable development and a critical indicator of social progress. The way we, as states, manage waste not only reflects the level of our social culture, but also directly and catalytically every aspect of economic and social life.

  • Strengthening circular economy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Upgrading quality of life
  • Preservation of tourist product
  • Empowerment of regional development
  • Resource saving & energy recovery
  • Creation of new jobs