Waste Management Projects

Watt can provide effective and viable solutions to waste management problems at a national or international level using its know-how and its highly skilled human resources.

Yakutsk is a remote city in Eastern Siberia along the Lena River with a population of 270.000, and in winter, city’s temperatures fall to -40°C. Yakutsk produces 120.000 tons per year of municipal and commercial waste that is currently transferred in several dumpsites.

Watt transforms a problem by providing an environmentally friendly and financially viable solution, to the management of municipal waste by incorporating some of the most advanced techniques.

The project concept is to transform municipal waste into useful products with high demand in the area, such as heat, compost and metals. The following sources of income are expected for the project:

  • Gate Fee for processing and disposing of the incoming waste,
  • Heat sales to the local district heating network
  • Sales of other products (compost and metals)

The technical solution consists of a sorting plant, an incineration plant, a composting plant and a sanitary landfill for the residues of the other three plants.

The sorting plant separates the organic fraction from the waste and produces high quality RDF from the remaining fraction by removing metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and separating inert materials. The organic fraction is transported to the composting plant and any residues to the landfill. The RDF is used in the incineration plant as a fuel for heat production.