Chairman Message

We started with a vision: To create a new business model based on the principles of green growth and the circular economy. A vision that at that time few could understand and even fewer could believe.
Today, W.A.T.T. Group is an industry-leader in a sector whose importance is not limited to purely economic benefits. The projects it develops, the services it provides and the expertise it offers are a valuable asset for upgrading the quality of life of citizens and enhancing the viability of local communities and businesses across the country.
From waste management to the recycling and recovery of electricity from biogas, the W.A.T.T. Group designs and develops innovative solutions, creating value for as many as possible, its shareholders, the Economy, the Environment and society itself.
The successful course of the W.A.T.T. Group, its impressive financial results, the significant investments in state-of-the-art facilities and technological equipment, all reflect the identity of a modern Greek Group, which through its activity breaks new ground that leads to a more environmental and human-friendly future.
At the heart of our corporate philosophy lies sustainability, the key concept that can unleash the enormous dynamics that the country has. We are proud because today our vision is reaching new heights. It becomes a national goal, the importance of which is perceived and accepted by all. We are at the beginning of a new era in which Sustainability is no longer a general, vague concept. The challenge for the future is common. And in order to overcome this, we need infrastructure, equipment, processes and systems that will make the country internationally competitive in the race of the circular economy.
With the same dedication to the principles and values that led us to be holding the industry’s leading position, the W.A.T.T. Group will continue to consider its role as part of the solution to a global problem with significant economic, social and environmental implications.


Starting from the vision of its Founder, Athanasios Katris and led by continuous investments in the development of high expertise, the W.A.T.T. Group has become a leader in the field of waste management and recycling. From the collection and management of waste to the development and operation of state-of-the-art facilities and the production of biogas energy, the Group has developed a comprehensive portfolio of reliable services and “solutions” that meet every need.

With a view to constantly focusing on a sustainable, more environmentally and human-friendly future, the W.A.T.T. Group continues to break new ground, in Greece and abroad, for integrated waste management, investing in state-of-the-art facilities and technological equipment.

Principles and Values


We are constantly growing, following a path that we were the first to open.
The road that goes only in one direction. Forward.


Transparency is at the center of our activity.
It is a fixed line, in a dynamically evolving course.
It is the way we perceive our operation.


We are fans of the end result.
We are constantly setting the bar higher and higher.
Because this is the only way we can evolve, become better, serve our role.


It has been our biggest responsibility for the past 20 years.
Because for us, integrated waste management is not just our job.
It is the foundation on which we base the future.

Sustainable Development

Growth only makes sense when it stays in time. When it is sustainable.
This is exactly the purpose that determines our every move.
We create conditions suitable for development.
Development that concerns not only us, but the society, the future of Greece.

Board of Directors

The Company is governed by a 6-member Board of Directors.

Athanasios Katris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Andreopoulos, Vice President

Konstantinos Verganelakis, Member

Eleni Gatou, Member

Christos Karagiannis, Member

Theodora Nanou, Member


Following the certified procedures, WATT aims towards the application of an Integrated Management System in order to ensure quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

The company has the following certificates: 

  • Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management System: ISO 14001
  • Quality Assurance Health System & Safety at Work: Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and already updated withISO 45001: 2018

The collection and transport licenses of the company are:

  • Collection and transport license of solid non-hazardous waste nationwide.
  • Collection and transport license of packaging materials.

Selected Projects

Waste Management at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport

W.A.T.T. provides comprehensive waste management services, collecting waste from a total of 12 categories.

  • Each year, it collects more than 10,000 tons of waste.
  • It implements state-of-the-art fleet management technologies to optimize waste collection.
  • It utilizes innovative bin weighing systems, collecting useful data for optimal waste management.
  • The waste constitutes only 30% of the total amount of waste that ends up in the Landfill of Fylis.

Waste management PPPs in the West Coast of Palestine

Through participation in an international tender, the W.A.T.T. Group has contracted for the management and operation of a landfill in the Al Minya area, as well as two transhipment stations in Hebron and Bethlehem. At the same time W.A.T.T. undertook the construction of a unit for recovery of biogas from waste.

  • The project takes place at the only landfill operating in the West Coast.
  • W.A.T.T.’s high-quality services won the award for “best project financed by the World Bank”.

Sewage Sludge Plant in Ioannina

An open composting facility has been established to treat sewage sludge, produced by the municipal wastewater treatment plant. The daily capacity of the plant is 100 tons. W.A.T.T. S.A. participates through its German subsidiary H-U-T GmbH in cooperation with the local company K. N. Stavrou.

The JV operates the facility under a fixed three years contract with the Ioannina municipal water company. The process has demonstrated excellent results due to the contribution of know–how, equipment, scientific and technical personnel provided by the W.A.T.T. S.A.’s group of companies. The final product is a soil fertilizer which complies with the European regulation for use in agricultural applications.

Power Generation Plant in Tebloni Landfill, Corfu

W.A.T.T. S.A. through its subsidiary Biogas Development Investments (BDI) is developing a 100% owned Landfill Gas Power Plant. The project concerns the collection and use of landfill gas in Corfu as a fuel in order to produce electricity. The project will be built in the location “Akrokefalos” in Temploni, within the Municipality of Corfu. The land has been loaned to the project owner and is far away from any inhabited areas. The capacity of the power plant is 1 MW and is planned to be in operation in 2014. The expected total investment amounts to 1.550.000 €.

The development – planning, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning – and operation is being undertaken by companies of Watt group.

Power Generation Plant in Chalkis Landfill

W.A.T.T. S.A. through its subsidiary Biogas development Investments (BDI) is developing a 100% owned Landfill Gas Power Plant. The capacity of the power plant is 2 MW and is planned to be in operation in 2014/2015 in two phases. The expected total investment amounts to 3.737.000 €. Grant equal to 650.238 € subsidies the investment.

The development – planning, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning – and operation is being undertaken by companies of W.A.T.T. group.


W.A.T.T. S.A. provides waste management services at the two Hellenic Petroleum refineries in Aspropirgos and Elefsis (both approx. 20km from Athens). The total annual waste production is approximately 6.000 tons.

The services cover the collection of non-hazardous industrial waste and their disposal to a nearby sanitary landfill. Modern fleet management technologies (operating by real time fleet visualization based on GPS) are used for providing the transportation services.